Butch Flowers
C. Flowers
Name: Butch Flowers
Affiliations: Blue Team
First Appearance: Silver Linings
Armor Color(s): Cyan, Blue
Occupation(s): Blue Team Captain
Weapon(s): Needler
Voice Actor: Ed Robertson
"Now. I know you're worried about our mission. But I can tell you this. There's nothing, more important to me, than the safety, and well-being, of my men. Or my name, isn't Captain Butch Flowers."
—Captain Flowers

Captain Butch Flowers was the Blue Team's previous commanding officer at Blood Gulch.


His character was introduced when Church traveled forward in time to his own recent past. Captain Flowers and Tucker had planned to pull out of Blood Gulch but upon Church's arrival and subsequent news on the destruction of the Blue Base on Sidewinder this effort was scrapped. However, Captain Flowers was sometimes considered to be a "fruit". Before his death, Flowers had been planning to lead a Blue offensive to destroy the Red Team in Blood Gulch, and knew the key to the Blues' victory. He had just finished fine tuning the teleporter and was about to order Tucker a sniper rifle when he died from what Church and Tucker assumed was a heart attack in his sleep. Upon finding his dead body, Tucker took Captain Flowers' armor for himself. It was later revealed that he had encountered Private Church from the future, who didn't know about his allergy and injected him with Aspirin in an ironic attempt to save his life.

In Episode 96, it is revealed he was revived by and allied with the green alien and inhabited by O'Malley when he met Doc, Sister, and Junior in the caves. He was wearing the standard blue armor - most likely Tucker's old armor - and talked with two voices, his and O'Malley's. In Episode 100, O'Malley left him, and left him unconscious. Doc healed him, and went back onto Blood Gulch and talked to Tucker about the situation. He announced that he had information that could win them the war, but dramatically pauses before he reveals the information and is sniped by unknown forces. It has been speculated that the shot that killed him was fired by the Wyoming clones, however the clones were all dead at this point.


  • According to Burnie Burns Flowers was present at the Freelancer training facility.[1]
  • As he was assigned to protect Alpha (Church), its likely his armor was actually freelancer armor painted blue (like Washingtons). In this case, when Tucker, who took his armor, is acutally wearing Freelancer armor, with some sort of ability. It is unknown however, as Tucker has never activated this ability (Although notably, his abilities to see really far and ability to spot a girl across a canyon could indicate enhanced perception, but that could be from the increased technology of the suit itself, not its actual ability). However, it is likely he was, and therefore, giving Tucker a huge combat advantange he has yet to discoverer. It should also be noted Tucker may also be on the best fighter on Blue team, and possibly red team too, though Donut contests this as he was able to kill Tex with one grenade on his first try.




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