Name: Counselor
Affiliations: Freelancer
First Appearance: Recovery One Part Four
Armor Color(s):
Occupation(s): Counsel
Voice Actor: Asaf Ronen

The Counselor, is a high ranking member of Project Freelancer.

Role in PlotEdit

Season 9Edit

He was seen with The Director when the mission to the Bjordinal Cyrogenics Research Facility begins. He says that this may not be the best team for the job. He then activates a holo map showing the positions of enemy troops and North and South. He was seen again the next episode sending in Carolina when the mission goes array. When North, South, and Carolina return from their mission he updates the board putting North ahead of South. He was later seen with the Director when The Director went into the Trainning Room and yelled at the Agents watching the fight against Texas vs. York, Wyoming, and Maine.


He interrogates Agent Washington in a flashback in Recovery One about Wash becoming a Recovery agent. In Reconstruction Chapter 1, he interrogates Private Walter Henderson about the event caused by Omega and The Meta at Vahalla. During a flashback in Chapter 4 of Recreation, the Councilor spoke with Donut about the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles.


In Reconstruction Chapter 19, the Councilor along with the Director try to convince Washington to not activate the EMP. However this fails and Wash activates the EMP destroying all the AI and bringing Project Freelancer down. He, like the Director, most likely went to trial and then was imprisoned for the torture of the Alpha.