The Epsilon unit is a storage container for Epsilon. It is represented as a portable gravity lift until Revelation Chapter 14 when The Meta turns it into a capture unit from then on it is represented as a deployable cover.

Storage UnitEdit

Epsilon Unit
The unit's first appearance was in Chapter 16 of Reconstruction. It later appeared in Recreation where Caboose was able to remove Epsilon. It did not play a major part or have any appearances until Revelation. When Caboose, Epsilon-Church, the Reds, and Tucker left for the facility they left the unit at Sandtrap. When Washington, Meta, and Doc reach the desert, Meta searches the camp and finds the empty Epsilon unit in the temple.

Capture UnitEdit

Meta later turns the storage unit into a capture unit, so they can capture Epsilon. Later it was seen at Avalanche in Revelation Chapter 19 where it was revealed to have a blade in it. During the fight against Tex, she almost knocked it off a cliff but Wash made a dive to save it. Later Meta uses it to capture Tex by stabbing her in the visor. He then put it on him so he could use Tex's AI abilities to operate his armor enhancements.

Stuck InsideEdit

When it is knocked off the Meta moments before his death, everyone realizes it will only stay online for a few more seconds and Tex may not be able get out. Epsilon-Church decides to go in to try and get her out but the unit shuts down before he found her and Epsilon is unable to get out as well. It is then revealed that inside the storage unit, Epsilon is effectively the Alpha and begins reliving the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles albeit with some small differences like Caboose going to spy on the Reds with Church and Tucker.