Unknown Pilot
Name: Unknown Pilot
Affiliations: Project Freelancer
First Appearance: Season 9 Trailer
Armor Color(s): Silver with Steel Trim
Occupation(s): Pilot
Weapon(s): Missles
Armor Enhancement: None
Voice Actor: Leigh Eddie

"Hey, everyone hold on back there. Things are gonna get a little umm..."
—Four Seven Niner
"Yeah, well I was gonna say crashy, but bumpy works."
—Four Seven Niner

Four Seven Niner is the call sign of an unnamed pilot working for Project Freelancer. Four Seven Niner was first seen delivering an injured Agent Maine along with Agent Washington and the Director to the Medical Station, Angel on my Shoulder, in the Season 9 Trailer. She later appeared as the pilot of the evacuation Pelican for Freelancer agents North, South, and Carolina in the episode Number One. She appeared again in the next episode Evacuation Plan, where she showed to be a very skilled pilot as she dodged Longsword missiles and gunfire, while manoeuvring through an ice canyon. She makes it to the rendezvous and the Mother of Invention destroys the Longswords as she docks her Pelican. She is later seen to be the Pelican Pilot for one of the two Teams in the mission to recover the Sarcoughagus.

She constantly makes smart remarks, and never seems to be without a witty remark or retort.