Name: Jones
Affiliations: C.T.'s "Dig Team"
First Appearance: Hang Time
Armor Color(s): Silver with Blue Trim
Weapon(s): Battle Rifle, Plasma Pistol
Voice Actor:

"Yes! Great shot Jones."
"Thanks, but it's actually pronounced Jo-en-es sir."
—Jones's last words

Private Jones (pronounced jo-en-es) is one of C.T. 's men, who shoots Epsilon-Church in Recreation. Private Jones is the only one of C.T. 's men who is given a name, which is a follow up to a joke in Reconstruction, where the Blues of Rat's Nest call one of their soldiers Jo-n-es when his real name is Jones. Private Jones is only seen in Chapter 18 of Recreation, for after he shoots Epsilon with a plasma pistol, Smith and the other Aliens that kill all the humans, starting an enormous battle, in which all of the humans (apart from Grif, Sarge, Tucker, and Caboose) are killed.