Voice actor(s) Gavin Free
First episode Reconstruction Chapter 3
Affiliation Blue Team
Armor color(s) Blue with White Trim
"It's very common! How am I the first guy you've met called Jones?"
—Private Jones
Jones is a Blue Team Soldier at outpost 28-A "Rat's Nest". The entire squad, including Lieutenant Miller mispronounces his name Joh-en-nis. To this, Jones exclaims that his name is a common name and is surprised that no one there had heard of it before. When Washington arrives for Caboose, Lieutenant Miller orders Jones to untie Caboose and bring him forward. Jones reluctantly agrees. When he does, Caboose "accidentally" shoots Jones in the back and kills him, saying "Oh yeah, him. He let me out and somehow shot himself in the back somehow. But we don't think it was anyone's fault. Everybody agrees it was an accident". Caboose claims numerous times that this was an accident. Before Caboose comes in he screams "Oooh oh, Why?".


  • In order to continue the joke another character named "Jones" but pronounced Jo-n-es is present on C.T.'s Excavation Team. Both of them wear an ODST Helmet.