Max Gain
Name: Max Gain
Affiliations: Red Team
First Appearance: Episode 38
Armor Color(s): Grey
Occupation(s): Simulation Trooper
Weapon(s): Assault Rifle
Voice Actor: Geoff Ramsey
"I said freeze, dirtbag!"
—Max to Grif & Church.

Lieutenant Max Gain is a Red stationed at Sidewinder. He managed to capture Grif and Church in Episode 38 of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. It is unknown if he was present on Sidewinder during Church's time on the planet. Max Gain appears briefly in a deleted scene featured on the season 3 DVD. According to the commentary, he was originally planned to have a much larger role in the series. However, in the midst of having to condense the amount of plot into different episodes and yet make the deadline for the Halo 2 launch, Rooster Teeth decided to omit most of his appearances.