The Mongoose appears in Reconstruction and the official ending of Episode 100 (Although never used, vehicle was edited in). It is used by Recovery Six and he is killed on it by The Meta in the Reconstruction Trailer during the attack on command. In the Epilogue of Reconstruction, Red Team ends up with two Mongooses that they intend to use at Outpost 17-B: "Vahalla" base. In the Bonus Features DVD only available with the Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles box set, Red Team and Blue Team are getting new bases and the Reds can be seen to have two Mongooses. Also a bonus feature, as they test the map Rat's Nest for Bungie, two Mongooses can be seen being driven around the edge of the map by Sister and Doc. In Sarge's version of the story where the Red's deleted the Blue's existence from the command's database, Simmons transforms himself into a Mongoose for Sarge's getaway vehicle. In Recreation, during the chase of C.T., Sarge, Grif and Caboose are chased by two soldiers on a Mongoose.


  • Despite being ATVs, they are always referred to as motorcycles by the characters (though Donut does call the one in Episode 100 an ATV).

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