One the last days of Outpost 17's (also known as "Valhalla") occupation, a ship(shown to be a Pelican) crashed in the area. The Blue Army managed to secure the object first. Shortly after, the Blues succumbed to an infection (aka O'Malley). After no action from Blue Team was witnessed, a search team went to the base to discover the entire team had killed each other. Red Team brought equipment back to their base, which continued the infection.

The Red infection caused the team to "change". Soon they would walk anywhere no matter the restriction. After some of the team would "go crazy," they would be put in the cell, where they'd be fine.

Eventually, the Reds, too, would kill each other,the remaining reds were killed by the Meta leaving only one survivor, Walter Henderson who escaped it .

Later on, Sarge and the rest of Red Team are awarded the empty base to continue their routine exercises.


The base started out as a two story building until Sarge called Lopez in from Blood Gulch Outpost 1-B. Lopez then quickly created a lower level, or the Hologram Chamber. An elevator brings the Reds down to the HoloRoom. The room is able to create holographic versions of objects. The floor above the HoloRoom is just a big empty space. Above that room is a sort of balcony which has two "man-cannons" that can shoot soldiers to the opposite side of the canyon. Rising very high up in the air and attached to the base is a huge spire. The spire is used as a communications tower, which was blocked when Red Team first inhabited it. This was fixed when Grif threw a grenade at the objects blocking the communications from sending. This also made Grif fall down the whole way. Outside the base are supplies, a Warthog (usually), and Mongooses. Behind the base is a large body of water and beyond that are several islands.


The base's power was on during Reconstruction however in Relocated the Reds discovered the base's power turned off.Template:Outposts