The Recovery Insignia
Voice actor(s) Various
First episode Recovery One
Last episode Reconstruction
Affiliation Freelancer
Armor color(s) Various
Full name Special Operative Program: Recovery

Recovery is a Special Operations Unit, the primary purpose of which is to retrieve artificial constructs when their host is killed in action[1].

Recovery OneEdit

The Recovery process is revealed in the Red vs Blue Mini Series Recovery One, named after the title character's, Agent Washington's, Recovery call tag. Membership of the Recovery Unit is most likely top secret, as agents not affiliated with the program are led to believe the AI is destroyed by the armor when the agent dies, as Washington previously believed. This is a measure to keep constructs from falling into enemy hands (or possibly even rogue agents). Despite this, something begins to hunt down the freelancers, apparently with the intent of acquiring the agents' AIs. Recovery is a part of the Freelancer program.

In reality, AI's are ultimatly considered too expensive and useful to delete. The Freelancer program calculated that the cost to retreive AI's from their dead host and store them for later use or study was cheaper than deleting and replacing them.


A Recovery Agent

Red vs Blue: ReconstructionEdit

In the trailer for Red vs Blue Reconstruction, Recovery agents Six and Nine are introduced, though they are killed while investigating Valhalla. The Director of Project Freelancer is requested to report on the incident at Outpost 17-B and reports that no one survived, a total loss; despite the fact they debrief Private Walter Henderson, a survivor of the Meta's attack[2]. Recovery Command dispatches Washington to Blood Gulch; the last known location of the Omega AI, which was responsible for the members of Valhalla turning on one another.


The triplicate armor logo from Halo 3 appears on the shoulders of Recovery Six and Nine as well as the uniform of the man that debriefs Walter. Washington and South do not have the insignia on their armor, however. This may be because they are covert Recovery Agents. The Meta has it on his shoulder in Reconstruction. It also appears on F.I.L.S.S.


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