Red Mutineer
Voice actor(s) Ben King
First episode Reconstruction Chapter 9
Affiliation Red Team
Armor color(s) Red with maroon trim.
"Yeah, we decided that sounds like too much trouble. So we're just going to shoot you and say the Blues did it."
—Red Mutineer

The Red Mutineer is a Red at Outpost 28-B "Rat's Nest" who leads Grif's and Simmons's execution. He is disgruntled at the fact that Grif is his unit's commanding officer and that he and Simmons betrayed the team by selling their ammunition to the Blues. When the Red Mutineer and his teammates fire upon Grif and Simmons, Sarge unknownly blocks the fire with his Warthog. Upon hearing him insult Grif (then, a staff sergeant), Sarge accuses the soldier of insubordination and knocks him out twice.