The members of Red Team are the enemies of the Blues, and the ones stationed at Blood Gulch Outpost Number One (Red Base) are the most known. However, there are other outposts with members of the Red Team, such as Outpost-17B (in Valhalla), Outpost 27 (in Rat's Nest), etc.



Other Known Reds:


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Sarge is the Staff Sergeant[1] and leader of the Blood Gulch Red Team. He is a military man with a Southern United States accent, he is the only Blood Gulch soldier on either team consistently serious about the Red vs. Blue civil war. His sociopathic battle plans often entail unnecessary casualties of his own men, generally Grif. Grif is habitually lazy, irresponsible, and uninsightful, but still managed to be promoted to Staff Sergeant anyway in Reconstruction Chapter 9. These characteristics earn him the disrespect and ridicule of both Sarge and Simmons. Simmons,
Red Team Season 9

The Epsilon-doubles of Red Team.

on the other hand, is hard working and is often seen kissing up to Sarge, presumably due to the lack of a father figure in his early life. Despite this, Simmons and Grif are often seen together, either chatting or bickering. Franklin Donut is the eager rookie who joins the team in Episode 3. He tends to annoy his teammates with his naïveté, garrulousness, and cheerfulness and becomes more effeminate and childish as the series progresses, leading some to believe that he is gay (Which isn't helped by his Pink armor, which he often implies is lightish red, as opposed to Pink). Red Team made their long awaited return in Reconstruction chapter 8 when they almost ran over Church and Washington in Chupathingy. The Red Team are the winners of Rat's Nest, Valhalla, and Blood Gulch (however, after Valhalla was won ,and all the soldiers killed by the Meta, the Blood Gulch Red Team minus one, moved in with 1 Blue moving into the opposing base. All of Red team have gotten hurt in someway during the series: Sarge took a bullet in the head, Grif was run over, Simmons was turned into a cyborg (Simmons 2.0) , Lopez became a disembodied robot head, Donut was in a coma for days, and Chupathingy has blown up numerous times.


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