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Rooster Teeth Productions is the name of the company which makes Red vs. Blue. The name originates from a common insult in Red vs Blue, "cockbite." As such, the company logo consists of a silhouette of a rooster and a wind up chattering-teeth toy. Rooster Teeth also have other shows such as the Strangerhood, PANICS, Rooster Teeth Shorts, Supreme Surrender, Capt. Dynamic, Achievement Hunter, 1-800-Magic, Stroyent, and Immersion. However, Red vs Blue is still one of their most popular shows.

Easter EggsEdit

In one of the Halo 2 multiplayer maps, Turf, you can find two soda machines. One has a picture of a rooster with a blue silhouette on it, the other has teeth with a red and green silhouette. One of them is near the tent and the other is in the "warehouse," the room with the swing doors.

Another easter egg appears in Halo 3 where the main voice actors of RvB voice soldiers attempt to gain access to an armory on the campaign level Crow's Nest.

Also in the more recent Halo Reach, the squad members that can join your team in the singleplayer campaign will sometimes have the name of members of Rooster Teeth staff.

The word "Puma" can be observed on the outside of a Warthog tire in any Halo 3 multiplayer match. This was the name suggested by Grif to the M12 LRV during Episode 2 of season 1. This easter egg returns in Halo: Reach.


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