Voice actor(s) None
First episode Recovery One Part Two
Affiliation Freelancer
Armor color(s) Unknown
Full name Intelligence Program Theta.

Theta is an artificial intelligence program designed for the Special Operations program Freelancer, originally assigned to Freelancer North Dakota[1]. It was the only AI that could run North Dakota's enhancement, his enhanced motion tracker. As Recovery Command was aware that North still had possession of Theta, it can be assumed that Theta was similar to the Delta AI, in that it was not deemed dangerous, and removing it from North was not necessary. Theta was stolen by the Meta when it killed North. Being a fragment of Alpha, one would assume the AI was the embodiment of one of Alpha's personality traits. Almost nothing of Theta is mentioned.

Theta was destroyed by the EMP with the rest of the Meta's AIs.


  1. Recovery One, Part Two

Artificial Intelligence
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