"This is Blood Gulch Outpost-… wait… I mean, Simmons, what’s the name of this place again?"
"Valhaldagir-jaggle-callit... thingy... Outpost Number One!"

Valhalla is a Halo 3 map and a primary setting during the events of Recollections.


Valhalla is the crash site of the Pelican that contained Tex, Andy, Junior, Sheila, Omega, Gamma, and the Green Alien. The outpost showed up several other times in Reconstruction Chapters: 1, 5, 13, 14, and 19. The Reds and the Blues (or Caboose) are to continue their training routines by order and gratitude of the UNSC. For an unknown reason, the electricity at the Red Base was turned off while the Blue Base still had power. The Red's lack of power is the main plot of Relocated, along with Caboose's mysterious actions.

Epsilon-Church has several flashbacks in which he thinks he sees a dark figure at Valhalla; he mistakes these for "psychic visions". It later is revealed that he isn't psychic but is just having flashbacks, the dark figure is Tex, and the memories actually took place at Sidewinder, not Valhalla at all.



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