This article is about the original character. You may be looking for the Epsilon created double.

Name: Vic
Affiliations: Neutral
First Appearance: Episode 10
Armor Color(s): Halo crewman model
Voice Actor: Randall Glass (episode 10)

Burnie Burns thereafter

"Hello, dude? Come in. Doctor-Dude, are you there? Hello? Paging Doctor-Dude, to the radio, STAT. I need 20 ccs of 'what the hell's going on there', dude."
"Ugh...what happened?"
"Hey, you tell me dude. One minute we're talking about a hole in the wall; the next thing I know, you turn into Grumps McGurt. Sounded like you needed a lozenge. Threatened to eat my children...not very cool, dude."

Vic, a sardonic and frequently unhelpful communications officer, is the Blue Team's contact at Blue Command. A misunderstanding between him and a time-traveling Church retcons events and leaves Vic under the impression that Red and Blue are the same, with the result that Vic also becomes the Red Team's contact at Red Command. The miscommunication is unrealized by Church, and this change is entirely unknown to him and the rest of the Reds and Blues, except for Tucker, who accidentally intercepts a communication between Sarge and Vic. However, no member of either team believes Tucker, as he is knocked unconscious when he makes the discovery, and Vic manages to contact Sarge and warn against listening to Tucker before the latter tells everyone. Vic is apparently working with O'Malley to some degree, although he seems to regard O'Malley as more of a necessary annoyance than a partner, and O'Malley hires an assassin called Wyoming to kill Tucker in order to preserve the secret that Red and Blue are the same.

Vic's Room
Vic behaves like an annoying, ineffective technical support guy, constantly calling people "dude" and often offering obtuse and unhelpful advice and biting insults. He can be quite inappropriate, at one point forcing Doc into a lengthy conversation about Vic's sterility in Episode 34. Burnie Burns notes that Vic was portrayed as over-the-top annoying from Episode 20 so the character would be memorable to viewers. When the Reds and Blue travel to the future, Vic is presumably replaced by someone who claims to be one of his descendants, Vic Jr., who acts exactly the same.

In the episode Baby Steps it's revealed that Vic has a jingle to help remember his phone number. As sung by Doc, "If you want to talk, don't email. And don't you click, click, click, click. Just call me up at 555-V-I-C-K!". To which Church responds, "Ya know, it probably would've been more memorable if it rhymed... or if his name actually ended in a 'K'".

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